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Sorry you're here, as they say.

This domain serves to collect a few resources that may be of interest to ashers: people involved with the newsgroup and its numerous offshoots, generally concerned with the individual's right to die.

Documents on this site are provided mainly for historical purposes. If you are actively suicidal, you should explore all your options, including options like not dying, or getting psychiatric support. In particular, do not assume that any information on medical matters or suicide methods is necessarily accurate; it is hard to compile such information in a society that opposes suicide, and much is hearsay.

If you want to publish something here, or to archive an ash-related site that is no longer active (including personal Web sites of ashers), that might be possible: contact the site maintainer.


Here's an archive of the original ash Web site that existed from 1993 to 2002 under various maintainers, most memorably at The archive is somewhat out of date, with many broken links, and will no longer be updated. It is preserved here for historical purposes.

There is also an archive of #alt.suicide.bus.stop (or ASBS), which used to consist of a moderated Web forum at and an IRC channel on its own private network, but eventually closed down in 2008.

Personal Web sites (archived)

Other contributions

If you like to read, and you're interested in why society won't permit suicide, then why not read Thomas Szasz?

What ash-descended communities exist?

The original was a Usenet newsgroup: a kind of forum for plain-text messages, a bit like e-mail. (Usenet existed even before Web browsers, and is still around, but largely abandoned these days.) Since then, there have been various other incarnations, such as IRC channels (Internet Relay Chat, where people can exchange typed messages in real time) and Web-based message boards. These have been operated by various different people under various different rules.

As of early 2023, you might try these:

Remember that suicide discussion groups are a particularly easy target for "trolls", or online troublemakers.

What ash-descended communities do NOT exist?

Well, for pure historical interest, here are some old links that probably don't work.

What is that blue flower icon?

It is the Myosotis arvensis, or "forget-me-not".


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