Message about detergent suicide

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 03:02:17 +0100

Hi, i'm italian and i want to cooperate with ash reporting what i'm doing to end my life.

I've read this

wich the author was asking to report if this method (and how...) works, so i decided to tell you what i'm going to do and what i've done to realize it.

1) i've made lime sulfur bymyself simply boiling a mixture of water, sulfur and lime (70%water, 20%sulfur, 10%lime) for about 30 minutes;
2) i've bought a 30% solution Hydrochloric Acid in a hardware shop;
3) i've tested "the reaction" in a small plastic bucket and it worked fine, i was in a open space when my eyes were litterally burning despite i was wearing a protection and my skin didn't like at all. So now i'm pretty sure that the reaction works and the result is really hydrogen sulfide.

Now i'm waiting the week-end to try it in my car with about 3litres (about 0.80 us gallons) of each component, warning signals are prepared and good place is finded to do the last step so, today is august 26 2011 04:00am and it's friday, IF YOU READ THIS MESSAGE AND NO MORE MESSAGES WILL BE SENDED BY ME AFTER AUGUST 29 2011 well, i'll be passed.

I don't know if someone will really read this message, but if yes please update methods guide with this, really ty!


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